About The Server


SonicMC is a 1.15.2 PvE Survival Economy + Minigames Minecraft Server. SMC has a nice, friendly community with players and a staff team that are very helpful! SMC also has an in-game rankup system that does not require real money. We have incorporated McMMO and CMI Playtime into the rankups to avoid a pay-to-play experience. SMC has Jobs, PyrofishingPro, Silkspawners, and Custom Mob Drops as some fun ways to make some in-game money. We currently have SpleefX and a PvP Arena for minigames with more to come.

Special Events

SMC holds special events quite often, it may be build challenges, minigames such as spleef, survival games, skywars, and more!


We have six donor ranks, and 2 tier crates. We do accept donations if you are willing to support us!